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Rockie Mountain Retrievers

"In Quest for the Best"

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    Here at Rockie Mountain Retrievers we are one big Happy Family.  We breed, raise, train and hunt Labrador Retrievers.  We welcome most Dogs for short or long term boarding.  We offer both Gun Dog and Obedience training for your Hunting, Retrieving or Companion Dog.  

    Our business is dedicated to delivering a top quality, reasonably priced product that will improve the lives of you and your pet.

    Ralph has been training dogs with a world renowned Professional Dog Trainer for several years and is a graduate of the "Rick Smith Seminar".  Ralph has recently become a Professional Dog Trainer himself.

    We are a family based business. The kids help us both in the feeding and the care of the animals. Ralph does all of the training as well as supervising the breeding and boarding.  Doreen enjoys working with the animals and whelping the puppies.

    We have both inside/outside kennels. Our training program is all set up and awaiting your dog's approval.

    Please feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to accommodate your pet's needs.