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Stormie X Dusty Litter
RMR is Pleased to announce Our Newest Litter.

Click here to see some pictures of one of the males.

All pups from this litter have been sold.  There may however be one started female available for sale in the Spring of 2006

Trimarks Coal Dust (OFA pending)

“Dusty” is an 80 pound hard charging young Dog.  He was trained by an amature, and is ready to run Qualifying in summer of 2005.  His Sire was on the Canadian Top 10 Open and Amatuer list for 3 years in a row.  The  Sire has also won back to back Open and Amature stakes on the same weekend.  

Sundee’s Winters Storm JH  OFA LR-107157G31F-T

This female is  typical of the outstanding working dogs that Sundee has bred, raised, trained and won trials with.  Stormie is as comfortable on the living room floor as she is in the Field.  This line has been free of disease for generations.  If you are looking to improve your breeding or hunting program try a beautiful pup from this litter.

We only breed the kind of Labrador that we love best.  Bred from the best working stock over the past thirty years.  These Labradors that have a zest for retrieving that cannot be described by words alone.  Each of these dogs is capable of winning any type of formal competition.  Both the Male and Female have outstanding physical ability.  At the same time, these are both great companion dogs.

Litter  Whelped        Oct 2/04

There were 4 beautiful little males and 4 wonderful little females  to choose from.

Puppies will be guaranteed against Hereditary Dysplasia and Eye disease for a period of two years.

Please Contact us for more Information.