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Frostie X Ritz

Rockie Mountain Retrievers is extremly excited to announce our latest litter and additions to our Family.

May 1, 2003 FC AFC CFC CAFC DB's Cracker of Clubmead and Sundee's Black Frost SH, ELEVEN beautiful little balls of fun were born.  We have 7 males and 4 females.  We will post pictures soon.  Frostie kept us up all night and all the puppies and Mom are doing great! (*please see note at bottom of pedigree*)

Unfortunatly on May 6 one of the little boys passed away.  This left us with 10 little adorable puppies.  Also one of us cannot count!  When we marked them all we discovered that there are actually 5 Females and 5 Males.

They are all growing like weeds and doubled thier birth weight in the first week.  Frostie is an excellent mother, she feeds, counts and cleans her brood constantly.   

These pups are expected to do excellent in trials.  With so many titles in their pedigree a pup from this litter will be an excellent addition to your family tree.  For information on purchasing one of these beautiful little puppies please contact us.

NAFC FC AFC Ray's Rascal
FTCH CFC Rascals Super Spud
Sirion's Super Snooper
FC AFC Itchin' To Go
Itches Flying Tiger
Thor's Tiger Lily
'95 & '00 NAFC, '98 & '99 NAFTCH, '99 CNAFC AFC AFTCH Ebonstar Lean Mac
FC AFC Trieven Thunderhead
Trieven El Conquistador
Trieven High Speed
Ebonaceae Princess WCX
FTCH AFTCH Virdon's Tuktoyaktuk
Skookum's Sky Raider
Wilkie's Cinderella Liberty
FC AFC CFC CAFC DB'S Cracker Of Clubmead
FTCH AFTCH Sea Tac's Corporal Punishment - AKC 992663
FTCH AFTCH CFC CAFC Dashing Ebony Rook - QJ358730
Cleopatra's Lucky Lady - KQ169208
FTCH AFTCH CFC CAFC Wannamakers Corporal Cody
NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho
Winacko's Country Sunshine
Duffglenns Sparks Will Fly WCX
FC AFC Volwoods Ruff And Ready
Win-tobas Saber Of Naomi Place
Haney's Iron Lady
Lacombes Santina
FTCH AFTCH Sea Tac's Corporal Punishment - AKC 992663
Lacombes Aspen Lady
Lacombe's Kappy
Litter Whelped May 1, 2003 (5 males 5 females)
FC AFC FTCH Gahonk's Pow-Wow - 843649
FC AFC Trieven Classical Jazz (OFA 10873) - SC608724
FC AFC Trieven Classic - SB052554
FTCH AFTCH Vince Lombardi (OFA 160601) - TS593249
NAFC FC Trumarc's Zip Code - SC681608
Sundee's Sassy Sue (OFA 24751G33F-T) RN445407
Sundee's Hurricane Kate - NW271014
Sundee's Black Frost SH (OFA LR-75059G25F-T) CKC CS243826 AKC SN548957/01
FTCH AFTCH Sea Tac's Corporal Punishment - AKC 992663
FTCH AFTCH Dashing Ebony Rook (OFA 20672) - QJ358730
Cleopatra's Lucky Lady - KQ169208
Sundee Spring Mist WCI - UW768851
NFC FC McGuffy - SB368665
FTCH Sundee Spring Fever - MJ224303
FTCH Sundee's Indian Summer - FU1155

****Please Note that this Pedigree has been compiled from information on other Web Sites.  The Names we are Sure of the Titles however may need to be updated.  If you have reliable information about any of the Titles in this Pedigree please contact us.  Thank You. *****