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Picture Page

Here are some pictures of our Ever changing family.  

This is our "Cougar".   RMSDC Yukon's Couger


She is the Progeny of Sundee's Yukon Jack MH and Candlewoods Princess Madison.  She is a beautiful little girl, isn't she?  She was about 10 months old here in this picture.   Couger is now living in Ontario and loving the milder winters there.  

This is "Rooster"  True Grit of RMSDC


This picture was taken when he was just 4 weeks old.  At 9 months he is nearly as big as mom.  Rooster is enjoying central Alberta now in his new home.You can see more information about his litter by clicking here.

    This is "Fly" RkyMtn Southern Flyer of RMSDC

This picture was taken at 3 1/2 months.  She is loving life in Georgia, USA and getting ready to run in Hunt Tests.  Fly is a product of the first Stormie x Jigs Litter.

    This is "Rose"

She is also loving life down in Georgia and getting ready to run. Like her sisters she is a little firecracker!  This picture was taken at 4 1/2 months.  Rose is a product of the first Stormie x Jigs Litter.

Another Picture of Rose

This beautiful picture of Rose was taken June 2003 at age 20 months.

This is "Rockie"     
Sundee Rocky Mtn Ruff Shooter

This is our little English Springer Spaniel.  In the first picture he is deciding how he can get at the Robins on the other side of the fence.  In the second picture he is trying to convince our daughter to rub his belly!  Rockie is now enjoying life with a young family in Washington State and is available for possible breedings. Contact us for more information.

    This is "Gunner"
RMSDC's Darktower Gunslinger

Gunner is enjoying life in the United States in training to be a detection dog for a Police Force for our neighbors to the South.  Gunner has is Junior Hunt Title.  Gunner is a product of the first Stormie x Jigs Litter.

This is "Ghost" Mountain Spirits of RMSDC

Ghost is enjoying life in Southern Alberta now.  She had her OFA test come back as excellent!  She is a product of the first Stormie x Jigs Litter.


Our two beautiful daughters and their quilts that they made themselves.